Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White

Angled left view of Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White closed cover
Angled left view of Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White open cover
Side view of Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White
Right view of Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White
Top view of Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White
Angled view of Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White remote

Aquatina II Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, White

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  • One Year Warranty
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About This Item

The Aquatina II helps you keep the germs away while turning your bathroom into a modern spa. This tankless smart toilet is an easy install, allowing you to quickly upgrade your old toilet and wow all of your guests. Have the nicest toilet on the block, and the cleanest bum!. 


  • Designed for Optimal Hygiene – Our toilet with an electric bidet is designed to provide a complete and convenient washing. Use a wide range of hygiene features like adjustable water pressure, water temperature and bidet with dryer wand positions to suit your needs.
  • Automatic Operation - The lid opens and closes on its own. The seat sensor knows when you are finished and flushes the toilet for you. You can also flush our tankless toilet with your foot or the remote control.
  • Keeps the Bathroom Clean - This self-cleaning toilet doesn’t splash while flushing. It also comes with an auto deodorizer to maintain fresh air and a pre-rinse function to help waste slide down for easy cleaning.
  • Cost-Efficient and Low Maintenance – Our modern toilet has a siphonic 1.6 GPF (4.8 LPF) flush setting that optimizes the use of resources, saving you money on water and toilet paper. It comes with a self-cleaning nozzle and power-saving features for added convenience.
  • Heated Seat, Water and Dryer - Unlike standard toilets, Trone has an advanced electric toilet seat heating system that instantly raises the seat, water and dryer temperature. This smart toilet seat also comes with a nightlight and a ToeTouch Sensor that lets you open the seat’s lid and flush the toilet with your foot.

All Product Features


  • App Compatible - Connect to your smartphone
  • Remote Open Lid / Seat - Use the remote to open the lid and seat.
  • ToeTouch - Use your foot to open the lid, seat, and flush the toilet. (Watch Here)
  • Soft Close (Watch Here)
  • Heated Seat (Watch Here)
  • Deodorizer
  • Night Light (Watch Here)
  • Eco Mode



  • Adjustable Fan Position - Adjust the direction the air blows. (Watch Here)
  • Stainless Steel Spray Wand
  • On Demand Heated Water
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Rear Wash (Watch Here)
  • Front Wash (Watch Here)
  • Self-Cleaning Wand (Watch Here)
  • Electric Dryer (Watch Here)



  • Battery Backup Flush - Allows you to flush in emergency power outages.
  • UltraSheen - Helps prevent dirt and debris from sticking to its surface inside and out.
  • Syphon-Assist Flush (Watch Here)
  • Auto Flush (Watch Here)
  • Pre-Rinse (Watch Here)


Power RatingAC 120V, 50/60 Hz 1180W
Power Cord60", 3 prong grounded plug
Shipping Weight92.4 lbs
Product Weight 77 lbs
Water Temperature 39.2 to 95F
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Washing Flow Rate18oz per minute
Seat TemperatureRoom Temperature to 104
Dryer TemperatureRoom Temperature to 100
Gallons Per Flush0.9 GPF


  • 115 V power GFCI receptacle within 4'
  • 40 PSI minimum water pressure
  • 80 PSI maximum water pressure
  • Standard 12" rough in



Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Elijah Baker
Toilet is smarter than I am!

I keep finding more features it can do that I didn't know about before.

Thanks for your review!

Advanced technology

really fancy

Thanks for your review!

Stays clean forever

There are so many features that help this toilet stay clean and helps me feel like I�m keeping the germs at bay and away from my hands.

Thanks for your review!

Michael Yardley
Highly Recommended

This Toilet has everything you'd get from a high-end luxury toilet except the crazy price tag. It looks sleek and works great! I highly recommend it!

Thanks for your review!

Life Changing--Deserves it's 5 Star Reviews

We were nervous because there were not that many reviews--but it showed up as a top pick on a number of sites so we rolled the dice. First--it got here in 3 days! I hate plumbing because things just go wrong with plumbing. However, I was able to install it in less than an hour and with only one wax ring. That almost never happens. I did check to make sure I had all the parts I needed and it went smoothly. Oh wait, forgot, the manual button (switch?) that is located on the back right side had been hit and broken off. I was able to reattach the broken mounts with superglue and some dental floss (to strengthen the joint, rater than rely on the glue for strength). We don't use the switch much and no force is required to function the switch, so I'm not terribly concerned.

As for the toilet itself--AWESOME! Could not be happier, well maybe if the manual was a little more legible. Remote is easily understood and operated. Lots of range for the nozzle(s) as well as heat options (water, air and seat) The sensor to open made me nervous because we need to walk by it to get to the shower. No worries, you need to be very deliberate (put a toe right next to the sensor). We opt not to use the nightlight, because the manual button/switch provides adequate light in the night. Anyway, this thing is awesome and intuitive.

Thanks for giving us a chance. We are glad to hear you are loving your Trone!

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