Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White

Angled right view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Angled left view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Angled top view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Left view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Right view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Angled view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Front view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Angled front view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Side view o fNeodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Front view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White
Angled front view of Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White

Neodoro Smart Bidet Toilet, White

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About This Item

Giving your home an increasingly intelligent upgrade,  This bidet toilet offers modern/advanced features like a heated seat that offers comfort and relaxation, on-demand heated water that provides warm water for washing, an electric dryer to dry off the moisture, and more.


  • Designed for Optimal Hygiene – Our toilet with a built-in electric bidet is designed to provide a good cleaning. Use modern features like adjustable water pressure, water temperature and bidet with dryer to suit your needs.
  • Auto Flush - The seat sensor knows when you are finished and flushes the toilet for you. You can also flush our tankless toilet with the remote control.
  • Keeps the Bathroom Clean - This self cleaning toilet comes with an auto deodorizer to maintain fresh air. Its glazed surface stops dirt from clinging to the surface, and the pre-rinse function helps waste slide down for easy cleaning.
  • Cost-Efficient and Low Maintenance – Our modern toilet has an integrated 0.9 GPF flush rate that optimizes the use of resources, saving you money on water and toilet paper. It comes with a self-cleaning nozzle and power-saving features for added convenience.
  • Heated Seat, Water and Dryer - Unlike standard toilets, Trone has an advanced electric toilet seat that instantly raises the seat, water and dryer temperature. This smart toilet seat also comes with a nightlight for convenience.

All Product Features




  • Stainless Steel Spray Wand
  • Adjustable Fan Position - Adjust the direction of the air flow. (Watch Here)
  • On Demand Heated Water
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Rear Wash (Watch Here)
  • Front Wash (Watch Here)
  • Self-Cleaning Wand (Watch Here)
  • Electric Dryer (Watch Here)



  • Battery Backup Flush - Flush the toilet in emergency power outages.
  • UltraSheen - Helps prevent dirt and debris from sticking to its surface inside and out.
  • Syphon-Assist Flush (Watch Here)
  • Auto Flush (Watch Here)
  • Pre-Rinse (Watch Here)


Power RatingAC 120V, 50/60 Hz 1180W
Power Cord60", 3 prong grounded plug
Shipping Weight94.6 lbs
Product Weight 79.2 lbs
Water Temperature 39 to 95F
Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Washing Flow Rate18oz per minute
Seat TemperatureRoom Temperature to 104
Dryer TemperatureRoom Temperature to 100
Gallons Per Flush0.9 GPF


  • Standard 12" Rough In
  • 115 V Power GFI Receptacle Within 4 Feet
  • 40 PSI Minimum Water Pressure
  • 80 PSI Maximum Water Pressure



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Neodoro! Trust Me Buy This Now! This Is The Toilet of the FUTURE!!!

Look at you, hesitating on clicking that Buy Now button to scroll through the reviews for something as mundane and necessary as a quality bidet toilet. Probably expecting to find some sage wisdom or lofty praise to differentiate this from the plethora of manufacturers. Well, I'm not here to let you down. Buy this now. Don't finish reading this review. Just buy it. This thing is awesome.

I've used all kinds of toilets, from cheap porta potties to 6 star Las Vegas hotel luxury bidet toilets. The Neodoro bidet outperforms them all. As soon as you pull it out of the box, you can tell the difference in the quality and craftsmanship. This is the toilet of the future! I mean what toilet comes with a frickin remote control? The Neodoro looks great in our house. Installation was super simple, it fit right over the space of our old toilet. Its super comfortable and we love all of the amazing features it has. The fact that it can wash and dry you with warm water and warm air is amazing; we are already using less toilet paper. So happy with this toilet that we are thinking of getting another.

Thanks for being a loyal Trone customer.

Happy wife, happy life

Wow, what an upgrade! We went from the cheapest possible toilet to the extreme luxury end of the scale. This is well worth the investment for anyone who has struggles "down there" with cleanliness, irritation caused by toilet paper, or general sensitivity due to medical issues.

Most people will want a professional to install this. I did it myself because that's how I was raised, with a strong spirit of self-reliance. It took me extra time because I had to cut out and replace the rotted floor underneath the old, leaky toilet. Also had to run electrical. But in the end, it was a huge payoff - providing much needed pampering and comfort for my wife.

Trone bidet toilets are perfect for anyone who might struggle with mobility. Thanks for your review.

Heather J
Quality Product recommend professional installation.

Love this product, wish we had gotten it years ago, glad I had a professional install it.

We also recommend professional install. Thanks for your review.

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