Bathroom Upgrades That Can Increase Your Property Value

If you want to add value to your home, upgrading your bathroom is a great place to start. A well-designed and modern bathroom can significantly increase a property's value and appeal.

Image of a bathroom featuring a Trone bidet toilet.

Look at some of the best bathroom upgrades to increase your property value.

Invest in Smart Toilet

Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular, and the bathroom is no exception. Consider upgrading your toilet to a smart toilet that is exceptional. For instance, these toilets can flush automatically, have heated seats that keep you warm during colder months, and even include built-in bidets that offer a more hygienic and comfortable alternative to traditional toilet paper. It adds convenience to your routine and luxury to your bathroom.

Replace the Vanity

Replacing your old vanity is an excellent way to add value to your bathroom. A new vanity can make your bathroom look more modern and functional. Consider choosing a vanity with a lot of storage space, as this can be a big selling point for potential buyers. If you're on a budget, consider painting your old vanity or replacing just the hardware for a quick and easy upgrade.

Install New Fixtures

Replacing your old faucets and showerheads is another great way to upgrade your bathroom. Not only do new fixtures look better, but they can also improve your water pressure and help you save money on your water bill. Choose fixtures that match your new vanity or add a pop of color for a little vibrancy to the bathroom.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Good lighting is essential in any bathroom. Consider upgrading your lighting fixtures to provide better lighting and a more modern look. To create a spa-like atmosphere, you can install dimmer switches.

Add New Paint

Putting a new layer of paint on your bathroom walls can significantly improve its overall look and feel. When choosing a color for your space, opt for neutral shades like white, light gray, or beige. These colors are more likely to attract potential buyers. If you want to add a pop of color, paint an accent wall or add colorful accessories.

Install a New Shower or Tub

If your bathroom has an old or outdated shower or tub, consider replacing it with a new, modern model. A new shower or tub can make your bathroom look more luxurious and increase property value. Add features like a rain showerhead or a jetted tub to impress potential buyers.

Although a home renovation project can be daunting, the results are always worth it. Updating your bathroom is a great place to start, whether you want to increase your home's value or make it more comfortable and inviting.

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