How Does a Trone Toilet Work?

The Trone toilet is the perfect choice for modernizing your bathroom. Its endless array of features makes it stand out from regular toilets, making it a great addition to any bathroom. With its advanced technology, comfort-enhancing design, and hygienic benefits, this intelligent toilet will enhance your daily bathroom experience. With this toilet, you can enjoy a luxurious bathroom experience that is clean, comfortable, and relaxing.

A photo of Trone Toilet.

Read on to discover the incredible features that Trone toilets offer. Get ready to transform your bathroom space!

Stainless Steel Nozzles

Each Trone toilet is equipped with stainless steel nozzles that work to clean your bottom without ever having to use your hands. The nozzles automatically come out when you activate the wash function. You can customize the water spray's pressure, temperature, and width for a personalized cleaning experience. It is great for those who may have experienced the splashing of water all over the bathroom when using a hand-held bidet. It is also better than using toilet paper!

Automated Toilet Seat

Another great feature is a heated seat that can adjust the temperature for maximum comfort. It helps keep your bottom cozy, which will be more greatly appreciated in colder climates. The ergonomic design contours to your body, providing superior support and relieving pressure on your lower back. After using the toilet, the seat will automatically close. You can open it easily via the remote control or with a simple touch of a button. Some models include an automatic lid open. There is a toe-sensor for a seat-opening function on other models, like the Aquatina II. You will love not touching the toilet lid/seat with your hand every time you have to use it. Some models also have a night light for additional convenience. 

Air Dryer

A workable air dryer that makes it easy and comfortable to get clean without ever having to use a towel is also included in the Trone Toilet. This air dryer emits warm air from the vent in the back of the bidet next to the nozzle, which can be activated using the remote provided with your purchase. The warm air helps dry you off quickly and efficiently while providing a comfortable experience. The air dryer is adjustable, allowing you to customize the temperature of the air to your preferences. Ultimately, this workable air dryer makes it easy to get clean without worrying about using a towel or toilet tissue to dry off.             

Wireless Remote Control

You can control every function and feature using the Trone's wireless remote. From the flush to the temperature of the water, the control is effortless to use. You still have to touch the remote, but the toilet itself is touch-free and this innovation will save you from unpleasant toilet contact.

Automated Toilet Flush

Trone Toilet's Automatic Flush is a revolutionary toilet flushing system that eliminates the hassle of manually flushing your toilet. Thanks to its motion-detection sensor, it automatically detects when someone is near the toilet. It also has a powerful flushing system that delivers excellent water pressure to ensure the toilet bowl is clean with every flush. You can also flush it anytime you want by using the remote control. Most models come with a pre-mist that will wet the bowl before you go, which helps make it flush cleaner.

The Trone Toilet is the ultimate modern bathroom innovation. Enjoy a luxurious and cleansing experience that is hygienic, comfortable, and relaxing with the Trone Toilet.

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