How To Design A Family Bathroom

It can be challenging to create a bathroom that meets the requirements of all family members. Ideally, each family member would have their bathroom, but this is only sometimes the case. Finding a design suitable for adults and children can be daunting, as you want your bathroom to be a beautiful and relaxing space and safe and child-friendly.

Image of a family bathroom featuring a Trone bidet toilet.

Here are some tips to guide you in designing the perfect family bathroom.


Safety should be a top priority when designing a family bathroom. You want to ensure that everyone, especially children and elderly family members, can use the bathroom without risking accidents or injuries. To achieve this, consider installing slip-resistant flooring and grab bars and ensuring that sharp edges are covered. Another way to improve safety in the bathroom is by using smart technology.

Smart toilets, for instance, are designed to make the bathroom experience safer and more convenient. These toilets feature automatic lids, touchless flushing, and heated seats, reducing the risk of germs and bacteria and making it easier for everyone to use the toilet, especially those with mobility issues.

Easy To Clean

A family bathroom is likely to see a lot of use. It should be easily cleaned and maintained to keep it hygienic and germ-free. Several key features can make a family bathroom easier to clean. For example, choosing smooth, non-porous surfaces for walls and floors can help prevent the buildup of grime and dirt. Similarly, installing a shower or bathtub with a smooth, seamless finish can make cleaning a breeze. There are no crevices or joints for dirt and mildew to accumulate. Also, opting for a wall-mounted toilet or basin can make cleaning the floor around them much easier, while choosing taps and other fittings with a minimal design can help prevent the buildup of water stains and limescale.

Functional Layout

Consider the layout and how each family member uses and interacts with the bathroom. For example, placing the toilet in a separate room from the shower or bathtub can make it more accessible for multiple family members to use at once. Similarly, having ample storage space can help keep the bathroom clutter-free and organized, making it easier for everyone to find what they need. Also, consider the height of countertops and other fixtures to ensure they are easily accessible for children and adults.

Kid-Friendly Features

You can incorporate a few features into the design to make your bathroom kid-friendly. For instance, installing a low step-in tub or shower with a handheld showerhead will make it easier for children to bathe. It can also be beneficial for elderly family members who may have mobility issues. Adding colorful, non-slip mats and bath toys can make the bathroom fun and inviting for kids. Additionally, installing a separate lower sink or stool for children can help them feel more independent and comfortable in the space.

Designing a family bathroom can be a fun and rewarding process. By incorporating safety measures, easy-to-clean features, functional layout, and kid-friendly elements, you can create a space that caters to the needs of every family member.

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