Pros & Cons Of Wall-Hung Toilets

When it comes to designing a bathroom, there are several options you can consider for toilets. The wall-hung toilet is one of the most popular and modern choices in recent years. This type of toilet is attached to the wall instead of being supported by a base like traditional floor-mounted toilets. While it may not be as prominent as other fixtures in the bathroom, choosing the right toilet is crucial to creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. If you want additional comfort and convenience, choose a wall-hung bidet toilet.

Photo of Trone Wall-Hung Bidet Toilet.

Let’s look closer at wall-hung toilets, their pros and cons, and how they differ from traditional ones.

Pros Of Wall-Hung Toilets

Aesthetic Appeal

They have become increasingly popular due to their sleek and modern design. By being attached to the wall, they give the illusion of a more spacious and open bathroom, making it appear larger than it is. It makes them an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms or powder rooms.

Easy Cleaning

Unlike traditional floor-mounted toilets, they are easier to clean as they have no base or pedestal to clean around. It saves time and makes maintaining good hygiene in your bathroom easier. There is also less space for dust and dirt to accumulate, making cleaning even more effortless. Moreover, the fact that they are on the wall means that the floor beneath them is easily accessible, making it even easier to keep your bathroom spotless.

Installation Height

Unlike conventional ones, which come with a standard height, you can mount this wall-hung toilet at any height convenient for the user. It makes them an ideal option for people with mobility challenges or who prefer a higher or lower seating position. A higher-mounted wall-mounted toilet can make it easier for you to sit and stand up if you have trouble bending your knees or hips. For instance, it can be particularly useful for people with mobility issues or disabilities. This flexibility in height adjustment ensures that everyone can find a suitable and comfortable seating position. They are a practical choice for any household.


Wall-hung toilets are famous for their versatility in terms of design and placement. Unlike traditional one with a fixed position, the wall-hung type can be mounted on any wall. It makes them ideal for unconventional bathroom layouts or smaller spaces where standard toilets may not fit. It allows for more creative freedom in bathroom design, opening up a wider range of placement options. For instance, you can position a wall-hung toilet at an angle, creating a unique and personalized look for your bathroom.

Repair and Maintenance

One of the significant advantages of wall-hung toilets is that they are easy to maintain and repair. Since you can mount them on the wall, you can easily do any plumbing or maintenance work without removing the entire toilet. It is less time-consuming and costly, eliminating the need for extensive dismantling and reinstallation.

Space Saving

As mentioned earlier, this type of toilet save valuable floor space in the bathroom. It is useful in bathrooms with cramped or limited square footage. By being on the wall, they eliminate the need for a bulky base or pedestal, which takes up much floor space. This, in turn, creates more space in the bathroom, making it feel more spacious and open. It is a practical choice for anyone looking to maximize the space in their bathroom without compromising functionality or style.

Weight Support

It is a common misconception that wall-hung toilets must be more sturdy to support considerable weight. However, the truth is that these toilets are designed to be robust and durable. Many models can hold up to 500 pounds, making them suitable for people of all sizes. This weight capacity is because wall-hung toilets are mounted on a steel frame secured to the wall, providing a sturdy and reliable support system. So, if you are concerned about the weight capacity of a wall-hung toilet, choose a model designed to hold a significant amount of weight and is suitable for people of all sizes.

Cons Of Wall-Hung Toilets

Complicated Installation

Installing this type of toilet can be a daunting task due to some inherent drawbacks they possess. Unlike traditional ones, installing wall-hung toilets requires special mounting brackets, which can be difficult to install. Moreover, they may need additional support in the wall, which can add to the complexity of the installation process.

More Expensive

If you want to buy a toilet, consider the cost implications of wall-hung toilets compared to traditional ones. Wall-hung toilets are typically more expensive than traditional ones, making them less budget-friendly. Not only do they cost more to purchase, but the installation process can also be more complicated. It can add to the overall cost of the toilet.

Whether you want to save space in a small bathroom or a more modern and stylish toilet, wall-hung toilets are worth considering. So, next time you renovate your bathroom or build a new one, remember to explore the option of wall-hung toilets and see if they are suitable.

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