Trone STY1 Smart Toilet Review: A Royal Retreat

Today's bathrooms are more than functional spaces for daily hygiene routines. They are personal sanctuaries you can enjoy anytime you want. When it comes to enhancing the bathroom experience, the Trone STY1 Smart Toilet is an exceptional choice.

Striking Design: Where Form Meets Function

The first aspect that captivates you about the Trone STY1 is its design. The elegant, soft lines of the smart toilet's silhouette promise a comforting experience even before its numerous features are engaged. The STY1 is more than a toilet but a statement toilet that seamlessly blends into the modern bathroom's aesthetics. The oval shape is aesthetically pleasing and offers a spacious and comfortable seating area. This design is crafted for ergonomic perfection.

Cutting-Edge Features That Redefine Comfort

The Trone STY1 doesn't just stop at looking stunning; it's packed with innovative features that redefine comfort and enhance hygiene.

Voice Activation

Say goodbye to the days of struggling with flush levers or buttons. Now, with voice activation, you can easily control all the functions of the Trone STY1. Just speak the command, and the toilet lid will lift or close without you needing to lift a finger. This feature makes it more convenient and a game-changer for people with mobility challenges or the elderly, making this toilet throne accessible to everyone.


The aromatherapy feature of STU2 is an excellent way to diffuse pleasant fragrances into the air, which can help cover unpleasant smells and create a peaceful and calming ambiance. It can turn your living space into a serene sanctuary, which can help reduce anxiety and promote peace for your mind and body. Whether you want to unwind after a busy day or create a more relaxing environment at home, STU2's aromatherapy feature is a great addition to your daily routine.

Efoam Technology

Efoam technology is a revolutionary cleaner that automatically releases a refreshing 'potpourri' foam. It diffuses a delightful scent throughout the bathroom and prevents unpleasant odors. It is also anti-splashing, ensuring that it stays in the bowl and doesn't create a mess on the toilet seat or the floor.

Infrared Therapy

The STY1 smart toilet has an integrated infrared therapy feature that offers more than a refreshing experience. The gentle warmth emitted by the infrared technology can help improve blood circulation, alleviate muscle pain, and even promote relaxation. This amazing health-conscious addition to a toilet is a luxury and a practical solution to promote overall well-being.

UV Sterilization

The hygiene-savvy inclusion of the UV sterilization feature is a testament to Trone's commitment to providing a sanitary environment. It's an added layer of protection in the fight against germs, as the UV light effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses commonly found in bathrooms. This feature ensures that your smart toilet is clean every single time.

Environmentally-Friendly Engineering

Underneath the luxurious surface, the Trone STY1 is an environmentally-conscious machine. With water-saving flush options, it is a powerful proponent of sustainable living. It's an embodiment of luxury that doesn't compromise the planet's health, fitting seamlessly into an eco-friendly lifestyle.

By choosing the Trone STY1 Smart Toilet, you're selecting a toilet and elevating your lifestyle. With an exceptional range of features that offer convenience, comfort, and health benefits, it is the definition of modern luxury — a royal retreat that's just a voice command away.

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