Trone Toilets: The Solution To Women's Intimate Hygiene

For decades, bidets have been a popular fixture in bathrooms across many parts of the world. However, the traditional bidets have evolved, giving way to bidet toilets offering various functions and benefits. At Trone, we provide one of the best bidet toilets in the market. They offer numerous advantages in terms of both comfort and hygiene. One of the most noteworthy benefits is its positive impact on feminine hygiene.

Infographic of Trone bidet toilet.

Gentle And Thorough Cleaning

Trone designed toilets that will give women a gentle and thorough cleaning experience. Unlike traditional methods of cleaning using toilet paper, the Trone bidet toilet uses a stream of water to clean the intimate areas. You can adjust the water pressure and customize the temperature to suit your comfort level while ensuring a thorough cleaning. It is especially beneficial for women during their menstrual cycles as it helps eliminate any residual odors or feelings of discomfort. Additionally, Trone toilets have a warm air dryer that provides a gentle drying experience, enhancing the overall cleaning experience.

Reduce Infection Risks

Using water can significantly reduce the risk of infections for women. Simply wiping can leave behind harmful bacteria, increasing the likelihood of developing infections. Trone bidet toilets have a button that is especially for women. It uses a gentle stream of water to clean the intimate areas, eliminating bacteria and reducing the chance of infections. This feature is particularly beneficial for women prone to infections, such as those with a history of urinary tract infections. So, women can ensure a hygienic and infection-free experience by investing in a Trone bidet toilet.

Eco Friendly

The Trone bidet toilets are not only hygienic but also an eco-friendly one. You don't need to use toilet paper, which results in a notable amount of paper waste. Trone toilets have wash and dry functions to clean intimate areas without producing any waste. It makes it an environmentally friendly option for women looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, the Trone bidet toilet has a feature that allows the user to control the water flow, minimizing wastage and conserving water.

Aids In Postpartum Recovery

Bidet toilets can be highly beneficial for women during postpartum recovery. After childbirth, the body goes through many changes, and it is crucial to maintain proper hygiene. Trone offers toilets with gentle and effective cleaning solutions to prevent infections in areas with tears or stitches. It is much more comfortable and hygienic than using traditional toilet paper. The water and air dryer temperatures can be adjusted to provide a gentle drying experience, which is soothing and comforting for women during their postpartum recovery. It ensures that women can maintain proper hygiene without causing any irritation or discomfort.

Great For Sensitive Skin

The skin around the anal area has many sensitive nerve endings, making it a tender and delicate area. Using dry tissue paper to clean this area can cause more irritation and damage to the skin. Using a bidet toilet can help alleviate this problem. Trone bidet toilets use water to clean the area, which is gentler and more effective than dry tissue paper. The water stream is adjustable and customized to the user's comfort level, ensuring a gentle cleaning experience suitable for people with sensitive skin. Many people with sensitive skin and hemorrhoids have reported relief after using bidet toilets.


Trone bidet toilets are not only a hygienic and eco-friendly solution for women but also a cost-effective one. It uses water to clean and also has an air dryer feature. Women spend so much money on menstrual products. So, using less toilet paper or no toilet paper can save much money in the long run. Moreover, the Trone bidet toilet has a feature that allows the user to control the water flow, minimizing wastage and reducing the overall cost of water consumption.

Trone bidet toilets offer a multitude of benefits for women's intimate hygiene. With features designed specifically for postpartum recovery and sensitive skin, it is clear that bidet toilets are the future of feminine hygiene. So, invest in a Trone bidet toilet and experience the difference for yourself. Your body and the environment will thank you.

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