Trone Wall Hung Bidet Smart Toilet Features

The Trone Wall Hung Bidet Smart Toilet is a revolutionary bathroom fixture combining cutting-edge technology and sleek design. It provides comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. With advanced features and intuitive controls, this is the perfect addition to any modern bathroom.

Photo of Trone Wall Hung Bidet Smart Toilet.

Here are the features that make it stand out:

Optimal Hygiene

Our high-tech toilet is equipped with an electric bidet to provide superior cleaning and hygiene. With advanced features like adjustable water pressure, water temperature, and bidet-with-dryer wand positions, you can customize your cleaning experience to your needs. No more relying on traditional toilet paper that can leave you feeling unclean and uncomfortable. You'll enjoy a more thorough and gentle cleaning experience.


The Trone Wall-Hung toilet boasts a self-cleaning feature that lessens manual cleaning, saving time and effort. It also comes with an auto deodorizer that helps maintain fresh air in your bathroom, ensuring a pleasant experience for everyone. The UltraSheen glaze on the surface of the toilet prevents dirt from clinging, making it easier to clean. Furthermore, the pre-rinse function helps waste smoothly slide without leaving any residue, further simplifying the cleaning process.

Cost-Efficient and Low-Maintenance

Our wall-hung toilet provides a modern, efficient, and cost-effective bathroom solution. With an integrated flush rate of just 0.9 gallons per flush (GPF), it is optimized to use resources efficiently. It saves you money on water and toilet paper in the long run. The self-cleaning nozzle made from stainless steel is a particularly convenient feature as it lessens the need for manual cleaning. It also comes with power-saving features that help reduce your energy consumption, which is environmentally friendly and can save you money on bills.

Heated Seat, Water and Dryer

The wall-hung toilet seat-heating system, water, and dryer temperature provide a warm and comfortable experience every time. Unlike standard toilets, the heating system is designed to be energy-efficient. It ensures you can enjoy a warm seat without worrying about electricity bills. It also comes with a convenient nightlight that illuminates your bathroom at night, making it easier to navigate without turning on bright lights.

Auto Flush

Our tankless toilet has a seat sensor that automatically flushes the toilet when you finish. It adds to the convenience of using our toilet. It also promotes better hygiene by eliminating the need to touch buttons or handles. If you prefer more control over the flushing process, you can use the remote control that comes with our toilet to flush it at your convenience.

So why wait? Invest in the Trone Wall Hung Bidet Smart Toilet and elevate your daily routine to a new level of luxury and efficiency.

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