Why Do Travelers Prefer Smart Toilets?

Smart toilet technology is quickly becoming popular among travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and hygiene. So why do travelers prefer smart toilets? Smart toilets like Trone offer hands-free flushes and heated seats for those cold winter mornings to adjustable bidets with nightlights. Not only do these features make using the restroom more convenient, but they also provide a hygienic, stress-free experience.

A photo of a Trone toilet and a suitcase for bathroom essentials.

Smart toilets are becoming increasingly popular in hotels, resorts, and airports, providing travelers with a comfortable, clean, and modern restroom experience. If you own an AirBNB rental, consider upgrading to a smart toilet, as it is a major selling point. Some people do not like to leave home and the comfort of their bidet toilet. Make them more comfortable in your domicile. The benefits of smart toilet technology are many. Here are a few of the reasons why travelers prefer smart toilets:


Travelers leave the comfort of their homes to explore new places. However, they still need comfort and relaxation wherever they may be. Smarttoilet has special features that could make any traveler feel at home.

Heated Seat

The heated seat feature gives users the highest level of comfort and relaxation after a long day. You won't have to sit on a cold toilet seat early in the morning or in the middle of the night. It has four temperature settings that you can adjust according to your needs.

Warm Water

For spa-like relaxation, the smart toilet is not limited to the heated toilet seat. Cleaning the bottom with dry tissue paper can make you uncomfortable for the whole day. And no traveler wants to be uncomfortable while discovering different places. So, it provides a warm wash feature for a fresher and cleaner feel. The pressure and temperature are under your control, and you can completely customize it.


Smart toilet uses advanced technology that ensures its users are safe. It has a self-cleaning feature, which means it cleans itself after every use. This feature eliminates the risk of microbial transmission and reduces the possibility of contracting diseases from an unhygienic toilet.

Nozzle Self-Cleaning

The wash nozzles will stay inside the unit unless you press the wash button on the remote. The nozzles are hidden to keep it clean and avoid contamination. Also, you don't have to worry about dirty nozzles washing your bottom. Before and after every wash, it automatically rinses the nozzles.

Silver Ion Sterilization

Smart toilets use silver ions for nozzle sterilization. The silver ions are powerful natural antibacterial agents that keep the nozzles clean and corrosion-free. This feature provides the highest level of hygiene.

Comfort and safety may not mean much until you visit places while sick and uncomfortable. Smart toilets are designed not only for those staying at home but also for travelers. Many travelers prefer smart toilets because, with the highest level of comfort and safety, they can fully enjoy their time.

Smart toilet can be a valuable addition to your facilities if you own an establishment that caters to travelers. Check out the various smart or bidet toilets offered by Trone for excellent features.

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