How Do You Operate a Trone Toilet?

Operating a Trone toilet is straightforward. The toilet has a wireless remote control to mount on the wall near your toilet for quick access. You can use the remote control to activate all the functions. Additionally, there are auxiliary buttons on the left side of the seat which you can use to access Power, Nozzle Cleaning, and Rear Cleansing functions.

A photo of Trone toilet and remote.

Trone Remote Operating Guide

With just a few presses or taps of designated buttons, you can control every aspect of your toilet experience. You can do everything from your seat–From flushing and activating the bidet to controlling the water temperature and spray pressure.

The remote control design varies depending on the model, but all are designed for convenience. With an instruction manual provided with your specific unit, you can easily find out which buttons to press or tap to activate each function. So it will not be overwhelming when you are operating your Trone toilet. 

Two User Memory Settings (Nobelet, Tahum, Ganza I, & Ganza II Models)

Some models can save up to two user memory settings for each individual's preferences. If you have one of the models above, you can customize your Trone toilet with your preferred water temperature, nozzle position, spray width, and more. Creating a one-button experience that is tailored to you. 

How to program User 1 or User 2 Memory

  1. Sit on the toilet.
  2. Activate the wash cycle by pressing either the Front or Rear wash button.
  3. During the wash process, adjust your settings as desired.
    • Nozzle Position
    • Water Pressure
    • Water Temperature
    • Oscillation Option
    • Spray Width
  1. When finished, press Stop. 
  2. Press and hold either User1 or User2 for five seconds until you hear a beep, indicating that your settings have been saved. The next time you will be using the Trone toilet, you just press one button.

More Resources

If you want detailed instructions, you can download the manuals based on the model of the Trone toilet you have. Just find your toilet model, and you can find the manuals on the product page.

The Trone toilet is a great choice for the ultimate convenience and comfort. With various features such as customizable memory settings, adjustable water temperature, nozzle position, and more – your bathroom experience will be better than ever.

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