Trone Toilet Care and Maintenance

Trone toilets have self-cleaning properties but, like all smart toilets, require regular care and maintenance to be in optimal condition. Taking good care of your Trone toilet is essential for it to last longer and continue working its best. This guide will discuss how to take care of your Trone toilet properly and maintain it in peak condition. 

A photo of Trone toilet, battery, and cleaning nozzle.

Toilet Bowl Cleaning

Keeping the bowl clean is the first step to maintaining your bidet toilet because it is the main component. Make sure to unplug the electrical plug. When cleaning the bowl, use a soft damp cloth and wipe away any dirt or grime. If tough stains don't come off easily, use a neutral detergent to help.

Self-Cleaning Nozzle Maintenance

Your Trone toilet is equipped with a self-cleaning nozzle. Even though it cleans itself, you must regularly clean the nozzle and tube. 

  1. Rotate the knob upwards to the backwash setting and hold it for approximately 2-3 seconds (Aquatina I, Aquatina II, Ganza I, Ganza III, Nobelet, Tahum, Chiaro, Neodoro, Fountina Models). You don't have to use a knob on some models like Aquatina III. They have a nozzle clean button on the remote, just press it, and the spray wand will then extend and begin cleaning itself.
  2. Wash the cleaning tube and nozzle with a toothbrush coated with toothpaste. Do not use excessive force, as this can cause damage to the nozzle. 
  3. After brushing the nozzle and cleaning tube, press the Stop button to take the nozzle tube back into place.

Junction Block Care

You should clean the junction block regularly to maintain its best condition. It is important to remember that you should not expose the block to any corrosive substances, as this can damage its components. Also, keep it away from any heat sources, which could lead to damage.

Cleaning Steel Mesh Filter

Clean the steel mesh filter every 1 to 2 months to remove hard water deposits. Weak water pressure means it's time to clean or replace the filter.

  1. Close the water supply angle valve.
  2. Open the filter by turning it counterclockwise with a coin.
  3. Clean or identify if it needs replacing.
  4. Tighten the filter afterward to prevent water leakage.

Battery Care

Batteries on your Trone toilet are built to last long but you have to replace need to be replaced over time.

  1. Loosen the screws that secure the battery cover and remove the old one. Make sure to give it to a professional recycling agency.
  2. Replace the new battery and lock the fixing screw, as shown in the picture. Be sure to refer to the battery installation picture to install the battery properly.
  3. Check that all screws are tightened correctly and connected before closing the lid.


Following these care and maintenance tips will help you enjoy your Trone toilet. For more detailed instructions, please check the manual that came with your unit, or you can find it here on the product page of your Trone model.

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