Plumbing Requirements for Trone Toilets

An infographic about Trone Toilet plumbing requirements.If you recently ordered or are considering buying a Trone toilet, it is important to know the plumbing requirements. Trone toilet configurations have compatibility with over 98% of residential toilets in the U.S. You must ensure that the water pressure for the incoming water supply is within the range. It should be in the range of 14.5 PSI (dynamic) to 108.78 PSI (static). Also, the rate of flow should be greater than 18 liters (almost 5 gallons) per minute.

If you meet the plumbing requirements, then it is time to install. Every unit is equipped with everything you need to connect it to the water supply. Once you’ve established the water supply, simply follow the instructions provided with your Trone installation kit or watch an installation video. These comprehensive how-to instructions will make it as simple and stress-free as possible to install your new toilet system. 

Don’t forget that you need power supply, too.


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