Nobelet Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, Auto Open


Nobelet Smart Bidet Toilet with ToeTouch, Auto Open

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Ask a Question
  • Does this require an in-wall tank system?

    No, this toilet does not require an in-wall tank. It has a direct connection to the water supply.

  • What does the E4 code means? Please help

    An E4 error means either you need to change your air filters or your evaporator and condenser need cleansing. Another factor is there is no adequate power supply. However, it is best to contact our Customer Service Representative at

  • What cleaning materials do you recommend to use for cleaning the nozzle of the spray?

    It is recommended to clean the nozzle with a toothbrush coated with toothpaste. Please see page 25 of is instruction manual for more information.

  • Can the flush button go on either side?

    No, the flush lever/multi function button is permanently mounted through the porcelain on the left hand side.

  • My Trone nobelet seat doesn’t go all the way up is there a way to adjust it or is this a warranty issue

    Yes you can adjust the seat opening distance. First, power off your toilet for at least 10 seconds. Then power back on your toilet and immediately after turning it on repeatedly press the "position" button on your remote control until you hear a double beep. Then press the right arrow repeatedly until you also hear a double beep. You can watch a video of this instruction here: If you still need assitance, feel free to schedule a zoom call with our technicians who can work you through the settings or email

  • How do I temporarily turn the automatic features off so that I can clean the toilet?

    Thanks for your question!

    To turn off/on Automatic Lid Opening/Closing press and hold the setttings button and then press the lid button.
    To turn off/on Automatic Seat Opening/Closing press and hold the settings button and then press the seat button. 

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions. If you need additional support, you can always email

About This Item

The Nobelet flaunts a classic white finish or the increasingly popular matte black finish and is combined with clean neat lines and sophisticated tight curves which add an elegant look and make this bidet an instant focal point in your bathroom. 


  • Designed for Optimal Hygiene - Our toilet with an electric bidet is designed to provide a thorough wash. Use the remote-controlled spa spray functions, adjustable water pressure, water temperature and back-and-front bidet wand positions to suit your needs.
  • Auto Flush and Open & Close Functions - The seat sensor knows when you’re done and flushes the toilet for you. The toilet also has an auto open & close function that opens when you approach and closes once you’re finished.
  • Keeps the Bathroom Clean - This self-cleaning toilet comes with an auto deodorizer to maintain fresh air. Its glazed surface stops dirt from clinging to the surface, and the pre-rinse function helps waste slide down for easy cleaning.
  • Cost-Efficient and Environment Friendly– Our modern toilet uses only 1.28 GPF (4.8 LPF) and has Eco Mode, helping you save money on water and power. Use less toilet paper and help save our trees.  
  • Heated Seat, Water and Dryer - Unlike standard toilets, Trone’s has an advanced electric toilet seat-heating system that instantly raises the seat, water and dryer temperature. This smart toilet seat also comes with a nightlight and a ToeTouch Sensor that lets you open the seat’s lid and flush the toilet with your foot.

All Product Features


  • ToeTouch - Open, flush, and close the seat with your foot. (Watch Here)
  • Automatic Opening - Opens the lid when you approach the toilet. (Watch Here)
  • Automatic Closing - Closes the lid after no motion for 60 seconds. (Watch Here)
  • LCD Display - A screen that shows current temperatures.
  • Soft Close (Watch Here)
  • Heated Seat
  • Deodorizer
  • Night Light (Watch Here)
  • Eco Mode



  • On Demand Heated Water
  • Adjustable Water Pressure
  • Rear Wash
  • Front Wash
  • Self-Cleaning Wand
  • Electric Dryer



  • Syphon-Assist Flush (Watch Here)
  • Auto Flush (Watch Here)
  • UltraSheen - Helps prevent dirt and debris from sticking to its surface inside and out.
  • Pre-Rinse


Power RatingAC 120V, 50/60 Hz 1180W
Power Cord60", 3 prong grounded plug
Shipping Weight105.6 lbs
Product Weight 88 lbs
Water Temperature 39 to 95F
Warranty3 Year Limited Warranty
Washing Flow Rate18oz per minute
Seat TemperatureRoom Temperature to 104
Dryer TemperatureRoom Temperature to 100
Gallons Per FlushAdjustable 0.65 - 1.7


  • Standard 12" Rough In
  • 115 V Power GFI Receptacle Within 4 Feet
  • 40 PSI Minimum Water Pressure
  • 80 PSI Maximum Water Pressure



Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Shirley S.
Goodbye germs!

My hands don�t touch the knob because of auto flush! The inside is cleaner because of prerinse! My bum is cleaner because of the bidet! We love it :)

Thanks for your review!

Cindy Salanoa
Great Bathroom Investment

It makes our bathroom so luxurious

Thanks for your review!

Tyler Gray
Not Bad..

Shipping was delayed a week from when it was supposed to ship out. (This was not a big deal but could be if working with deadlines)
The product overall I like however I decided to spend more for the Nobelet model because of the added “features” turns out I did not need any of them. Most everything about the toilet works as described and as I said I am overall happy with the purchase, my only complaint is that the warm air dryer is basically useless unless you plan to sit for a half hour with it on to dry off.

Tyler, sorry to hear about the shipping. Unfortunately we can't always dictate the shipping companies but we do our best to always get it to you in a very timely manner. We're glad to hear you are loving the features. The air dryer can take a few minutes to help you get dry, it all depends on your level of comfortability. If there's anything we can do at all to improve your experience, please reach out.

Natalie Davis
Very Nice Toilet

Better than all the others.

Thanks for your review!

Jacob B.
Love It

Family loves it too.

Thanks for your review!

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